Armstrong Engineering Associates Inc.

Company Name: Armstrong Engineering Associates Inc.
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Contact Person: Peter Watson – Sales Manager
Phone Number: +1 610 241 5679

Founded in 1946, 2021 is our 75th Anniversary.
Armstrong Engineering Associates Inc has now been an ESOP – an Employee Owned Corporation – for ten years and is an S-Corporation registered in the State of Delaware, USA.
Armstrong Engineering Associates designs and fabricates proprietary heat transfer equipment in the following specialty areas:

Scraped Surface Crystallizers – Kratzkühler for continuous Crystallization of Organics and Inorganic Salts. Supplied over 500 units worldwide. Lube Oil Dewaxing, Fatty Acid Separations, Separation of isomers Palm Oil, Shea Nut Oil, Paraxylene, Napthalene, Vitamin E, hundreds of applications. Chemtec UK Limited and Chemtec BV Netherlands supplied to Europe since 1960.

Electric Process heaters for Refineries give Emission Free high performance with high temperatures and high pressures. Explosion Proof, ATEX Approved, matching Control Panels supplied to give total control in heating gases hydrocarbons, supercritical H2O, Supercritical NH3 and Supercritical CO2. Impedance Heaters, Electric Radiant Furnaces for Hydrogen and Silanes for the manufacture of Solar Panels. Heating of Thermal Salts for very high temperature Green Heating used in the Circular Economy.

Vaporizers – Verdampfur – for Chlorine Phosgene Ammonia SO3, SO2, the world’s largest supplier of Armstrong Vertical Bayonet Vaporizers offering instant vaporization, unlimited turndown (100% > 0%) Superheat, small footprint, very low hold up / inventory of product and proven for 60 years. Recommended by both UOP and AXENS (formerly IFP). No freeze up due to condensate heated by steam. Used in the manufacture of chlorinated chemicals and TiO2 website access to full spectrum details. Carbon Steel, Monel and Duplex. Armstrong Vaporizers are the safest Vaporizers. Steam or hot water heated options are offered. Long association with the US Chlorine Institute and Eurochlor.

Vaporizers for low temperature process fluids, Ethylene and Ethane. Low Temperature Ethylene service offers a flare vaporizer without a tubesheet thereby avoiding stress failure of tube to tubesheet welds. Armstrong design offers Inconel 600 Process Pipe and freeze free design. In service globally recommended by Process Licensors.

Automatic Wax slabbing Equipment – supplied exclusively by Chemtec UK Limited. Manual Wax Slabbing Plant is inefficient and requires much housekeeping. Chemtec offers complete systems from the initial refrigeration to Wax Depositors and automatic Robot Packing Lines. Slabs are 5kG and guaranteed to perform seamlessly and continuously.

Armstrong Chemtec have ISO 9000 (Chemtec UK Limited) ASME “U” and “R” Stamps. Chemtec UK Limited has the China ML License and has supplied to China for many years.

SoliQz BV, Netherlands, offers the world’s first continuous Hydraulic Wash column for ultra purification of Crystals. Please watch our videos on both the testing Laboratory Facility in the Netherlands and also the Video of the Armstrong Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger. To find out more about these and any other Armstrong Chemtec Group capabilities, please contact us in the USA, Scotland, Singapore or The Netherlands.

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