Changes at the top – new faces driving new impetus

The vital role played by strong management has long been recognised by everyone from employees to investors, as has the value of fresh ideas, new impetus and the sort of innovative mindset needed to stay ahead in rapidly-changing markets. Time and again it has been reiterated in academic studies which, while recognising changing landscapes, reiterate […]

Hydrogen options – making the case for pink

There is a growing movement towards the development of nuclear hydrogen as well as a growing number of alternatives furthering the debate on whether to import or rely on home-grown solutions

How ESG became top priority for pharma

The development of vaccines, treatments and tests has transformed attitudes to an industry not previously known for its approach to ESG. And with pressure from patients, customers and investors there’s a renewed impetus.

All eyes on Ireland, a pharmaceutical giant

UN trade statistics identify Ireland as the world’s third largest pharmaceutical exporter. But for those closely involved within this six-decade success story, there is still much work to be done, writes Richard Burton By the time exhibitors begin filing into the Frankfurt Fairgrounds next year, another milestone will quietly and unobtrusively have been reached. It […]

Innovation in the air – the world of compressors

Many will probably consider the Austrian civil engineer Viktor Popp the Godfather of high-pressure air systems, introducing as he did, Europe’s first compressor plant in 1888. Innovative as it was at the time, it was also immensely effective, increasing its production capabilities from 1,500kw to around 18,000 merely a year into the next decade. It […]