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Brofind®, your ideal partner for pollutants abatement in the atmosphere, provides you with the best innovative solutions to reduce air pollution and optimize energy.

Starting from a long-standing engineering know-how, we develop sustainable technologies that combine quality and efficiency, designed to abate VOC, acid fumes, inorganic pollutants and to recover solvents used in the production cycle.

With our offices in Italy, China, India, Turkey and our many partners, we are present worldwide, offering tailor-made solutions to limit CO2 production and helping our customers to comply with environmental emissions regulations.

Our experience, combined with the quality and complexity of the projects we develop, allow us to address most of the environmental issues that can be encountered in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.


This category of plants includes multiple systems responding to specific needs but with the same purpose: the abatement of pollutants in the atmosphere through a purification process.

The technologies used for the abatement of polluting substances are often associated with energy recovery systems that allow the plant to be self-sustaining through the conversion of pollutants into thermal energy. In this way it is possible to obtain a considerable saving in energy consumption and operating costs.

Brofind®’s commercial proposal includes oxidizers (regenerative thermal oxidizers, catalytic oxidizers, thermal oxidizers), rotor concentrators, activated carbon filters, wet treatment units, all supported by materials with thermal and catalytic properties such as structured/pellets ceramics, catalysts and activated carbon.


The “zero waste” plants are part of a production model increasingly oriented to circular economy whose main purpose is to recycle and reuse raw materials.

Brofind® has developed solvent recovery and water treatment technologies based on the depuration and subsequent reuse of pollutants in the production cycle. The main goal is to minimize the waste of resources, contributing to environmental safeguard and optimizing management costs.

Solvent recovery can be achieved through activated carbon adsorption and regeneration processes, or through distillation units. Water treatment plants are designed to achieve Zero Liquid Discharge: through a process of filtration and evaporation they allow the recovery of waste water and its reuse in the production cycle.


In the industrial production field, safety and efficiency are essential.

Brofind® studies, together with the customer, tailor-made analysis, measurement and control systems that allow to safely manage pollutants, to monitor the status of plants in order to implement a scheduled and preventive maintenance, to optimize performances and operating costs.


Brofind®’s philosophy is to provide the customer with complete support, offering assistance during the entire lifecycle of the plant, through a team of specialized technicians always available to intervene at any time and respond to any need expressed by the customer.

Among others we provide:

· Routine and extraordinary maintenance

· Revamping of existing plants, even if not manufactured by Brofind®

· Emissions analysis

· Remote control and tele-assistance

· Software and automation updating

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