Butting Group

Company Name: Butting Group
Company website: www.butting.com

Contact Person: Michael Dylong – Sales – Customised components
Email: michael.dylong@butting.de
Phone Number: +49 5834 50-326

Contact Person: Andreas Kasten – Sales – Spools and plant construction
Email: andreas.kasten@butting.de
Phone Number: +49 5834 50-723

Contact Person: Klaus Henle – Sales – Vessels, tanks and apparatus
Email: klaus.henle@butting-schwedt.de
Phone Number: +49 151 19 55 47 20

BUTTING is one of the leading processors of stainless steels. Our products include:

• Stainless steel welded pipes
• Clad pipes
• Customised components
• Spools and plant construction
• Vessels, tanks and apparatus
• Assemblies

Our core competences are the forming and welding techniques and the engineering of materials. BUTTING products meet the highest quality standards. Customers all over the world rely on products from the family business. Prefabricated manifolds for California’s water supply or ready-to-install valve and pump housings, clad spools for refineries and various NADCAP aircraft components for the aviation industry are proof of the company’s performance diversity – as are more than 1,900 km of clad pipes for various offshore projects, etc. including the world’s longest multiphase pipeline for the development of a gas field in the Barents Sea, or complete skid solutions for distillation plants in the chemical industry, scrubbers for exhaust gas purification in ships and a complete reactor with double-pipe systems for catalyst and process technology.

The BUTTING Group achieved an annual turnover of EUR 450 million in 2020. Its headquarters are located in Knesebeck (Germany), with further production sites in Schwedt and Könnern (both Germany) and Tieling (China). Representative offices are located in Canada and Brazil, e. g. More than 1,900 people are employed worldwide. We process 80,000 tons of stainless steel and clad materials each year. In addition, over 1.4 million assembly hours are performed.

Founded in 1777 as a coppersmith’s workshop, BUTTING can look back on a success story of more than 240 years. Progress by tradition is the guiding principle of the company. More than 60 years of experience and know-how in processing stainless steels stand for themselves. BUTTING is a competent partner when innovative solutions are required in stainless steel processing.

The German main plant in Knesebeck stocks over 5,000 tons of stock tubes in 8 different material grades. Surface treatment in the form of chemical pickling after production is a standard at BUTTING. In this way, the customer receives pipes and components with a guaranteed optimum corrosion resistance.

BUTTING’s quality management system is certified acc. to DIN EN ISO 9001 by DNV-GL (Germanischer Lloyd) and numerous other approvals are available.

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