Company Name: Carboliq GmbH
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Contact Person: Stephan Aschauer
Phone Number: +49 2191 422 22 64

Turning plastic pollution into an oil solution

Polymers are the dominating materials for most applications in modern life. The global demand for polymers will double within the next 30 years, while more than 50% of its waste can only be rejected and incinerated.

That’s why CARBOLIQ has developed an industrial plant to regenerate hydrocarbon from polymer waste. We have proven the ability to convert non-recyclable mixed and/or contaminated plastics into oil that serves for the production of new plastics.

CARBOLIQ Circular Liquid Resource (CLR) is of consistent high quality. It is storable, reusable and a drop-in solution for the chemical industry.

At Achema 2022 come and learn
…how to regenerate hydrocarbon from all kind of plastic waste
…how to close the gap between the waste and chemical industry
…how to gain THE future substitute for fossil hydrocarbon feedstocks

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