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COMBER, founded in 1960, is a leading Italian supplier of (nutsche) filters, filter dryers, paddle dryers and pan dryers for the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries.

The machines are used for:
– Discontinuous solid/liquid separation
– Efficient cake washing, including reslurrying
– Vacuum drying of the product whereby all processes are performed in one machine.

COMBER also owns the C.M.R. Industry S.r.l., brand and know how also active in the manufacturing and selling of dryers, filters, reactors, tank and components for pharmaceutical, chemical (even high-tech), petrochemical, food and ecology industry.
Main COMBER product range

Pressofilter® PF

pressure filter-dryer Highly demanded for the production of API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients). Alongside the standard production, the production of filters for high containment with discharge through insulators (glove boxes) has become increasingly popular. These isolators can be active, single or double chamber, depending on the required containment level.

Turbodry® TD

Particularly suitable for drying sensitive, pasty, sticky products and other “difficult” products that go through a highly viscous phase during drying. Excellent characteristics in product discharge and shorter drying cycles.

Condry® TDC

It is particularly suitable for drying difficult products, such as those that are lumpy, sticky and sensitive to heat. The conical shape of the bottom allows to obtain a total discharge of the product.

Pharmadry® PH

Also suitable for clean room installations, it is developed for drying free-flowing, sensitive and fine chemical pharmaceutical ingredients with short drying times.

Thermomix® TM

Robust multipurpose machine, suitable for use as a mixer, reactor, precipitator and dryer, for vacuum and / or pressure applications. Manufactured in accordance with ASME Pressure Tank Code, Section VIII, with U-Stamp and / or PED 97/23 / CE mark. The large heating area leads to a remarkable speed of heat transfer.

Each machine is customized to the client needs in terms of capacity, temperature, handling and other technical specifications.

The engineering partnering module where COMBER invests in resources and technology with a smart production model guarantee our clients short delivery time and highest quality process.
The After sales Organization supports the spare parts and services support worldwide.

COMBER is part of the HEINKEL Drying and Separation Group since 2010. The companies making up the HEINKEL Drying and Separation Group between them have over 130 years of experience, offering innovative and dependable solutions in filtration and centrifugal technology, nutsche & vacuum drying, agitating and mixing. Its brands are COMBER, BOLZ-SUMMIX, HEINKEL and JONGIA.

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