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Contact Person: Dr. Tobias Gärtner
Phone Number: +49 941 94686 700

Electrosynthesis (ESy) and in detail ESy-Screening, provided by ESy-Labs, will be the future key technology for the production of high value flne and specialty chemicals as well as pharmaceutical compounds. The creation of value with electrosynthesis is performed through the application of electricity instead of the use of expensive, toxic and stoichiometric reagents. These outstanding advantages position electrosynthesis as a game changer in chemical conversion and helps to reduce or completely avoid chemical waste, the application of critical raw materials, and safety issues for our customers. Especially, safety issues can be addressed by an inherent safe reactor concept with electrosynthesis. Due to a lack of knowledge about the technology and its applicability throughout our customers, to reduce innovation cycles dramatically and, therefore, increase cost and time efficiency, ESy-Screening as a combination of design-of-experiments-based (DoE) screening of reaction parameters, statistical methods for data processing (DoE), and data processing with AI will be developed and scaled up from existing lab scale to industrial scale and offered as a future service in the B2B area. Additionally, ESy-Labs will assist its customers during scale up of speciflc reactions in an industrial environment.

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