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Metri Measurements Ltd is a division of iCenta controls established I 2002 and specialises in the design and manufacturer of a range of mechanical flow meters and instruments. Our flow meters are designed for various industries and markets including, Food & Beverage , Process, Industrial , Medical, Water , Chemical and Energy & Environmental. Covering conductive , and nonconductive fluids in safe and hazardous area applications.

Our products can be manufactured in a wide selection of materials and connection types therefore enabling meters to be configured for specific markets and application requirements. All Metri Meters are supplied pre calibrated (UKAS Traceable) , at our class leading calibration facilities. Using our small volume prover meters can be configured with various viscosities and temperatures in line with customer real process conditions and at customers specific flow ranges.

Instruments can be supplied to meet many Hazardous area approvals including.


Every product is designed and manufactured in Britain to the highest of standards to delivery long term reliability and durability.

We welcome you to put us to the test.

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