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Company Name: International Process Plants
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Contact Person: Ross Gale
Phone Number: +1 609 586 8004

International ProcessPlants (IPP) is a global buyer and seller of process plants in the petrochemical, industrial chemical, fine/specialty chemical, agrichemical/fertilizer, oil refining, polymers, artificial fibers, power generation, gas-processing, pharmaceutical, food processing, paper, metals, and alternative fuels industries. IPP has a plant portfolio of over 100 complete process plants, 12 complete industrial sites, and over 15,000 individual pieces of ready-to-ship process equipment. This extensive inventory of assets has made IPP the world’s leading source of quality second-hand process plants, process systems, and process equipment.

Customers choose IPP when looking to save significant time and capital on their projects while reducing carbon impact by reusing equipment. By utilizing second-hand plants, companies can save 50% of the lead-time, and 40% of the capital cost, enabling them to start production faster and with a lower cost basis than a new plant.
Our company is headquartered in Princeton Junction, New Jersey, USA with 15 offices around the world that give us the ability to be in close touch with our customers and their markets. Cultivated over 40 years, our customer base extends to 160,000 relationships, including all of the Fortune 100 members within the process industries, and tens of thousands of small and mid-size manufacturers and toll processors around the globe.

Also part of the IPP Group are Universal Glassteel Equipment (UGE), a glass lined equipment supplier and rebuilder, and CETEC GmbH, a process engineering company specializing chemical/pharmaceutical reaction, distillation/rectification, extraction/filtration/crystallization, and adsorption/absorption.

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