IPCO Germany GmbH

Company Name: IPCO Germany GmbH
Company website: www.ipco.com
Contact Person: Ulrich Nanz
Email: ulrich.nanz@ipco.com
Phone Number: +49 711 5105 245

IPCO is an independent company owned by FAM AB, part of the Wallenberg Group, has 600 employees, 30 sales and service offices worldwide and production facilities in Europe, Asia and North America. IPCO provides industrial processing solutions improving productivity in the processing of more than 1200 different products across the sulphur, chemical, fertilizer, chocolate and food industries.

Our technologies include melting, mixing, pastillation, flaking, filmcasting and downstream handling of various industrial products.

The product portfolio also includes Double Belt Press solutions with Steel and Teflon® belts including up- and downstream equipment, precision scattering systems as well as solid and perforated steel belts for the processing of products as diverse as wood-based panels, flooring, paper, film etc.


World-renowned for its Rotoform® pastillation process, IPCO is a world force in the design, manufacture and installation of steel belt-based industrial processing systems.

These granulation systems are used extensively in the oil, gas, chemical and food industries for direct solidification out of the melt. The most successful of these, with more than 2000 installations worldwide, is the Rotoform® process, used for the economical and environmentally friendly pastillation of products such as sulphur, resins, hot melts, waxes, rubber, chemicals, agrochemicals and food.

The company also manufactures and supplies continuous film casting lines for the production of specialised products such as optical films, edible films, filter membranes and more. Other ranges include freeze-drying systems, flaking lines, chocolate forming systems, food drying systems and extrusion/cooling systems for powder paint production.

IPCO has several productivity centers around the world where these technologies can be tested and demonstrated with customer products. In addition, transportable systems are available for testing and pilot production runs in customer facilities and laboratories.


IPCO produces products suitable for a wide range of different applications. These include hardened and tempered carbon steel belts for industrial processing; cold rolled stainless steel belts for processing application; polished belts for the film industry; and high strength steel belts for the wood and rubber industries.

Another application that makes good use of the inherent hardness, durability, smoothness of the steel belt is the conveyor system. Tailor made installations have been developed for transporting pasty, hot, sticky, abrasive or corrosive materials, or for progressing work pieces through processing lines. The use of perforated steel belts in such systems also enables the continuous dehydration, degassing or aeration of products.


The company produces modular systems combining precision scattering systems, double belt press technology (using both steel and non-stick PTFE belts) and associated up- and downstream equipment. This multi-stage capability – incorporating feed, heating, reaction, pressing, cooling and tempering in a continuous line – delivers a high productivity processing solution for nonwovens, technical textiles, synthetic and natural fibre based composites.


IPCO`s services range from consultancy and system design to manufacture, installation and on-going support. IPCO engineers and technicians can provide full maintenance and repair services and can also deliver training for in-house teams, ensuring maximum system uptime.

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