IPCO Germany GmbH

Company Name: IPCO Germany GmbH
Company website: www.ipco.com
Contact Person: Ulrich Nanz
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: +497115105245

IPCO is an independent company owned by FAM AB, part of the Wallenberg Group, has 600 employees, 30 sales and service offices worldwide and production facilities in Europe, Asia and North America. IPCO provides industrial processing solutions improving productivity in the processing of more than 1200 different products across the sulphur, chemical, fertilizer, chocolate and food industries.

Our technologies include melting, mixing, pastillation, flaking, filmcasting and downstream handling of various industrial products.


Sustainable solutions for granulating different chemical melts

IPCO installed its first Rotoform chemical granulation system more than 40 years ago and, since then, more than 2000 units have been installed.

Today’s Rotoform systems are available in a range of models designed to meet the different requirements of chemical products including low and high viscous melts, abrasive materials, and those requiring GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards. Recent innovations include the availability of optional remote diagnostics, enabling IPCO’s technicians can diagnose system issues quickly and cost efficiently, saving time and travel.

The process is clean, dust-free and energy efficient, and its indirect cooling method eliminates any risk of cross contamination between product and cooling media, so there is no waste water.

This focus on reducing environmental impact is reflected in IPCO’s global sustainability agenda which sets clear targets to be achieved by 2030, including a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions and a 10% reduction in energy consumption.

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