IPS-Integrated Project Services, LLC

Company Name: IPS-Integrated Project Services, LLC
Company website: www.ipsdb.com
Contact Person: Helmut Steudel
Email: ips@ipsdb.com
Phone Number: +49 172-577-1827

CHOP Center for Cellular and Molecular Therapeutics

IPS is a global leader in developing innovative business solutions for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Through operational expertise and industry-leading knowledge, skill, and passion, IPS provides consultancy services, architecture, engineering, project controls, construction management, and compliance services that allow clients to develop and manufacture life-impacting products. Its newest acquisition, Linesight, specializes in cost, schedule, risk, program, and project management services in various market sectors, including data centers, life sciences, and high-tech industrial. With the addition of Linesight, IPS has over 2,800 professionals in over 45 offices across 17 countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Southeast Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. For further information, please visit www.ipsdb.com.

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