Company Name: Lowenco
Company website: www.lowenco.com
Contact Person: Henrik Soussi
Email: henrik.soussi@lowenco.com
Phone Number: +45 25 80 80 52

About Lowenco
Lowenco is a leading manufacturer of sustainable large scale modular ultra-low temperature (“ULT”) storage solutions for the pharma and biotech industries. The company serves a growing global customer base and its unique ULT storage solutions, developed in accordance with GMP guidelines, offer superior quality and technical performance, as well as lower cost of ownership. Lowenco’s motto, “Creating a better world — one unit at a time,” is the foundation of every action the company takes. Quality and order are at the core of its processes. The business is located in Vamdrup, near Kolding, Denmark.

A storage and blast freezer protecting your products
The LSSU offers large scale temperature controlled storage capabilities specific for biotech and pharmaceutical environments.

In addition to large scale storage the LSSu hold the functionality of a blast freezer as well and will be part of the process for producing vaccines, medicine or any other biotech and pharmaceutical products.

The LSSU holds a storage capacity up to 3,200 kg. fluis products in bottles, bags or vials per unit, in a temperature range from +10°C to -70°C. The capacity of a LSSU is approximately equal to 40 well-known standard uprights freezers. Think about installation cost of electronical feeds, BMS connections, HVAC system, the footprint needed – and not to mention the yearly total cost of operation in terms of power consumption of freezers and HVAC system, validation of BMS probes etc. Our calculations show us a saving of nearly 90% in yearly total cost of operation.

By our modular building concept, you can easily increase your storage capacity by just adding more units, even when the existing units are in fully operation.

An installation of the LSSU are not requiring a specific build cleanroom, it’s only requires a weather resistant building since the LSSU are complete cleanroom itself.

With the LSSU – we are reducing complexity – and – we make your problems go away.

LSSU key features
Storage of up to 3.200 kg. fluid products in bottles, bags or vials per unit, in a temperature range from +10°C to -70°C including the following features:

– Blast freeze: Blast freezing of 1.600 kg fluid products from +25°C to -60°C in less than 21 hrs.

Low deviation: Extreme stable storage temperature with low deviation (+/- 1°C).

– Fire Rating FR60: Fire rating FR60 ensures up to 60 minutes of fire resistance. Enables insurance (FM Global).

– High personal safety: No people in the freezer when handling products.

– Low power consumption: Low power consumption compared to similar solutions.

– Fast delivery: Possibilities for delivery within 20 to 24 weeks from Purchase Order.

How does our LSSU differentiate from traditional units?

Lowenco LSSU:
• Build on proven technology
• Minimum installation time on-site
• Flexible expansion solutions
• Custom-made solutions
• No personal entry – no safety risk
• Process step and storage step in one unit
• Control rate of freeze and rate of thaw
• Fully integrated with BMS/VBMS

Traditional Refrigeration:
• Comprehensive engineering
• Long construction time
• Limited expansion possibilities
• Expensive project management
• Depending on specialized craftsmen
• Safety risk when entering freezer rooms
• Use of Liquid Nitrogen LN2 for blast freezing

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