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The life science business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, which operates as MilliporeSigma in the U.S. and Canada, has 19,000 employees and 72 manufacturing sites worldwide, with a portfolio of more than 300,000 products enabling scientific discovery, improving quality of life for patients, fostering the success of customers and helping to meet global challenges.

With a mission to streamline and improve the efficiency of analytical processes and methods, the organization has extensive expertise in developing advanced laboratory water solutions, smart chemicals, consumables, instrumentation, and overarching digital connectivity for research, industrial, pharmaceutical, and medical applications.
Our Milli-Q® lab water solutions are based on a full range of highly customizable water systems with intelligent function, intuitive interfaces and digital connectivity to lab and service. Our Supelco® analytical products provide the precision and reliability required in analytical testing in combination with digital smart labeling of reagents allowing better information access and consumable-instrumentation communication. Our LANEXO™ and BSSN™ digital solutions for lab inventory and data management improve efficiency, safety, and compliance in analytical labs worldwide.
Our research and production products and instruments are manufactured in centers-of-excellence, globally distributed, with support by a best-in-class online ordering system and dedicated technical specialists.
Our end-to-end manufacturing chain and technical support mean that all our products arrive when and how you need them.
Visit our virtual booth at ACHEMA Pulse (May 31-June 30, 2021) to see how we can assist you with reliable and precise solutions, from your tailored lab water systems to smart titration and other advanced analytical products. Let’s discuss how to improve your daily lab tasks with proven technologies and digitally connected lab solutions that help you achieve your goals, work smarter and consistently perform at your highest level.

Analytical lab of the future
A new world of intelligent lab water systems, smart reagents, digital lab inventory management & data integrity

You don’t need to transport to the future; talk to Merck KGaA today.
Leveraging new approaches to improving lab efficiency and productivity that follow other industrial technology trends we are advancing technologies to streamline lab processes while increasing digitalization and instrument/data connectivity.

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