Picardie Valves Industrie

Company Name: Picardie Valves Industrie
Company website: www.pvi-valves.com/fr
Contact Person: Reena Ramtowka
Email: reena.ramtowka@pvi-valves.com
Phone Number: 06 61 66 11 18

The IPI Group, recognized as the expert in fluid transfer, is pleased to announce the first participation of its 3 subsidiaries at the ACHEMA exhibition from August 22 to 26, in Frankfurt, Germany:

Picardie Valves Industries (PVI):

Europe’s leading manufacturer of fully customizable industrial valves (butterfly and ball valves), from DN8 to DN3000 (cast iron, steel, stainless steel, duplex, super duplex, Cupro-Aluminium, etc.) PVI, has been manufacturing a wide range of high quality, high performance industrial valves for over 90 years, including butterfly valves, ball valves, control valves, check valves and relief valves.

Today, the company has more than 118 employees to manage all the industrial valve activities: sales, studies, testing, purchasing, machining, welding, painting, assembly, packaging, etc. The fact that all the players serving our clients are grouped together in the same place is a guarantee of responsiveness and immediate understanding of the needs expressed. The PVI team is already present in more than 70 countries and currently exports more than 50% of its production to the 5 continents.

The participation of the French industrial valve manufacturer “PICARDIE VALVES INDUSTRIES (PVI)” in the ACHEMA 2022 trade show in Frankfurt, fits perfectly into its international business development strategy. The PVI team is already present on the German market, but is seeking to intensify its presence and reputation by targeting the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors in particular, as evidenced by our presence at the ACHEMA 2022 trade show.

This event represents an opportunity for the PVI team to create new relationships in order to accompany and technically advise the players in the chemical and pharmaceutical markets in their quest for innovative solutions, continuous improvement and quality. It is also an opportunity for PVI to showcase our wide range of industrial valves, including GACHOT “RTS” ball valves (V15, V16, V9/V29/V59, V10, VSL) and SAPAG (3 pieces EI, 2 pieces), our GACHOT gate valve (V501), our GACHOT needle valve (V574, V575, V576), our GAHOT (JMT) and SAPAG (JMC) butterfly valves, our GACHOT (Discovanne) and SAPAG (JHP) high performance butterfly valves and finally our CLASAR non-return valve.


Since 1946, Pollard has been designing and manufacturing positive displacement pumps adapted to the specific problems of industrial customers. In more than seventy years, Pollard has achieved its high level of expertise by developing ever more reliable, efficient and innovative products.

Pollard has always emphasized the reactivity of its sales department and the capacity of its design office to technically adapt its exclusive CMtec technology to all customer specifications. It is this ongoing commitment that has earned Pollard a worldwide reputation as a first choice partner for the most demanding manufacturers.
At the cutting edge of technology, its highly automated plant is capable of producing high quality products on demand, whatever the production volume, thus enabling its customers to achieve their objectives of reactivity, competitiveness and reliability.

Pollard will present at Achema 2022 the CMtech rotary vane pumps for viscous products with a demonstration bench, the TP type free flowing rotary vane pumps for hydrocarbon transfer, and the 24V Atex Zone1 S1 motor driven pumps.

Pollard pumps, the Positive Displacement!


French leader in the field of High Pressure technology, our team accompanies you in the design and manufacture of your High Pressure Cleaning installation, reliable, efficient and respecting your specifications. Since 1929, Barthod has been designing and assembling High Pressure and Ultra High Pressure motor pumps up to 3000 bars and 800 l/min for Industrial Cleaning, Industrial Process and Viscous Product Transfer applications.
Barthod designs and manufactures all the equipment necessary for the cleaning of your industrial installations, including 3D washing heads, reels and telescopes adapted to your process, which complement the motor pump unit. All this equipment meets the most stringent design standards and can be installed in Atex 1 and 2 zones.

As part of its business development policy, Barthod is participating in the ACHEMA 2022 exhibition in order to increase its notoriety and its presence among the actors of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries in Germany. This exhibition represents an opportunity for the Barthod team to develop new partnerships, to highlight the company’s know-how, the quality and reliability of the products designed by our team.

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