Swedish Exergy

Company Name: Swedish Exergy
Company website: www.swedishexergy.com
Contact Person: Michaela Torkelsson
Email: michaela.torkelsson@swedishexergy.com
Phone Number: 0736007425

Swedish Exergy design, manufacture and deliver dehydration solutions for processing of various applications and have the capability to deliver large and complex projects all over the world. We have over the past 40+ years delivered over 100 solutions with our technology portfolio of Dryers and Evaporators.

Exergy Drying Technologies are ideally suited for sustainable development by maximizing the usable part of the energy and minimizing losses. We enable our clients to go further than anyone else in realizing higher profits with the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly innovative dehydration processes.

Our experience and know-how with Exergy technologies is unmatched.

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