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Company Name: Valsteam ADCA Engineering, SA
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Contact Person: Mr. Fernando Soares
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Focused on providing groundbreaking products for industrial steam and fluid systems, the Valsteam ADCA project has been in the market of steam equipment for more than 35 years.

Valsteam ADCA started as an industrial plant for pipeline and steam boiler house contractors. Already building pressure vessels and auxiliary equipment in-house, Valsteam ADCA has grown up to become steam equipment and valve manufacturers, using the knowledge acquired along the years, and can now assure the complete production cycle: design, machining, welding, assembly, tests, quality and packaging for a very wide range of products.


Right from the start, the family owned Portuguese company had a strong passion for developing equipment and for solving problems. Today, Valsteam ADCA has two production facilities with a total covered area of 18 000 m2, located in a small village in the ocean side of Portugal, and are currently growing again, expanding their main production facility. The team today consists of almost 90 people that together drive the Portuguese caravel along the five continents and more than 80 countries, with the same ambition their ancestors were driven by: to reach more and to give new worlds to the world!


Up to now, the company consolidated a very wide range of products and solutions for steam and other industrial gases and liquids, present in the process industry. Today, the company stands as a “one stop shop”, with more than 6.000 different products and more than 15.000 product parts for all kind of industries.

From standard and non-standard series to tailor-made products, Valsteam ADCA is one of the European companies with the largest range of products, which can be divided into six sections:

– Steam traps
– Pressure reducing valves
– Control valves
– Pipeline ancillaries
– Special construction equipment

– ADCAPure: the hygienic/sanitary line, a complete range on its own, specially dedicated to industries with high purity standards, such as the food, chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.


Valsteam is nowadays a global company, but kept the best that a family owned business can have: agility in developing new products, flexibility in production and proximity to staff and clients. The requests of customers for different special products meet in the company the willingness and determination to accept new challenges, which is evident in the company’s vision to always look to and invest in state of the art machinery and advanced engineering software, that allow the continuous increase of the factory’s productivity and the quality and efficiency of the products.

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