ZOOK Europe Ltd.

Company Name: ZOOK Europe Ltd.
Company website: www.zookdisk.com
Contact Person: Richard Clark
Email: sales@zookdisk.com
Phone Number: +44 1909 560999

ZOOK is committed to finding pressure relief solutions for our customers that maximize their productivity and performance while keeping them safe.
With over 90 years of rupture disk manufacturing expertise, ZOOK is a global market leader in the production of high-quality metal & graphite rupture disks and other pressure relief products.

ZOOK has global locations in the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, and Malaysia, including state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Canada and the USA. Our products are sold in over 65 countries and to date have over 5,000 customers buying our products worldwide.

We are dedicated to investing heavily in the latest technology and production to stay competitive in the marketplace and can offer comprehensive solutions to the selection and sizing of pressure relief products best suited for each customer application.

The graphite division at ZOOK is the first and largest graphite company in the world committed to manufacturing quality impervious graphite rupture disks through product innovations and superior service. We were the first graphite rupture disk manufacturer to earn the ASME Code UD symbol stamp and certificate of authorization.

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